We take great pride in the quality of our craftsmanship, and we are always grateful to learn that our clients notice—and appreciate—our attention to detail.

From Litchfield, Connecticut:

Tim, Enclosed please find a check reflecting the final payment. We were fortunate to have found someone who not only understood our vision, but was able to enhance it in ways we had not been able to see. It was a long, rewarding process and you and your exceptional crew (all experts in their own fields) made the journey a rewarding and pleasant one. Thank you again and we hope to keep in touch.


From Roxbury, Connecticut:

"Thank you so much for doing this project - it looks beautiful and should bring the oldest standing commercial building in Roxbury into the 22nd century. It's a pleasure to work with you - the craftsmanship was done with efficiency, pride, and skill. And it looks lovely."

In Litchfield, Connecticut:

One of our clients is keeping a blog documenting the progress on a renovation project we are doing for them.

From Litchfield, Connecticut:

Thanks again for your time and your commitment to this project. We feel so great about all the work that you and your crew are doing.

We drove by your beautiful property - the barn and stables are exquisite - you are quite the talented craftsman! The views are spectacular - we can't wait to come back sometime and see your horses.

From Cromwell, Connecticut:

We went to the house yesterday and were so pleased with the progress!

In regards to the addition, we went outside and marked off 10 feet to the addition in the snow and took a step back to see what it would look like. We both thought it was a great idea of yours to do that.

We also thought the land is starting to look really great. Looks like Sean did more work outdoors to the left by where the old outhouse(?) is - it's really starting to open up and the property is quite beautiful.

Thank you for all your work and thoughtfulness on this project, it really helps us alot to see the possibilities of this wonderful property. We also appreciate the hard work of your crew, who by the way are the neatest crew I have had the pleasure to work with!!

From Washington, Connecticut:

"David and I want to thank you for the splendid job that you did on the additions to our house. We anticipated the job with dread, having had negative experiences at other times. We were delighted to find that working with you was completely different and was positive in every way. You did exactly what you said you would do, when you said you would do it and did it brilliantly — amazing!

The room is elegant, the deck handsome, the roof, including the skylight, a pleasure and every detail is perfect. In addition, your crew was a joy. Whether the weather was freezing cold, drenching rain, or brutally hot, they were unfailingly cheerful, professional and courteous.

It is with great pleasure that we recommend you to one and all. Anyone would be fortunate to work with you and we look forward to doing it again."

From a New York City architect:

"It is always a pleasure to meet someone who is skilled at their craft and has pride in their work. Thank you very much for taking the time to meet and show me some of your houses. I am looking forward to working with you soon."

From Washington, Connecticut:

"Tim, with great thanks for the beautiful house that you have built us. We look forward to seeing you soon in person to express our appreciation."

From Washington, Connecticut:

"Thank you for your diligence. We look forward to living in the beautiful home you have built for us."